Dealer CRM

Most complete automotive CRM in the industry with several modules that encompass all sectors of the dealership.

Specially made for dealerships, with customized modules for each sector of the stores.

Direct leads on sellers’ cell phones and integration with digital marketing tools.

Integrations and approvals with automakers and web portals.

Measuring and monitoring store flow on cell phones.

After-sales customer management through customized scheduling apps.


Fintech – Benefits & Reward Program

Recognize and encourage your company’s entire value chain and better control the payment process.
Minimize the risk of fraud and optimize your results.

Recognize your business ecosystem
Internal and external commercial agents, promoters, distributors and suppliers who add value to their business earn incentive/reward cards

Awards to consumers
Cards can be used in commercial promotions

Financial control
Fully records payment transactions for purchases or withdrawals with security and wide acceptance. Minimizes fraud initiatives and simplifies the refund process

The versatility of Joycard cards allows availability for food, meals, pharmacy, financial assistance, transportation and advances of all kinds, among others

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