Automotive Marketing Intelligence

We’ll extract, clean, standardize and empower the data from your DMS. Then we’ll use that data to build incredible and insightful Dashboards, Reports and personalized marketing campaigns to promote more sales and services.

Finally, the campaign data will be combined with your sales data to measure results and leverage a continuously results improvement.


Workflow Description   

Data is extracted to a Data Stage through the API connection, once the delta data extraction is completed the data will be copied to Exata’s ODS database where an ETL process will clean and organize the date based on the business rules and KPIs. Finally, the is moved to the Data warehouse, optimized to run queries, analysis and Marketing Campaigns.


AMI’s dashboards, reports and marketing campaigns are connected to the Datawarehouse to consume its data. The campaign results are populated in a separated database that will be later combined with the sales data to provide new insights for the next campaigns.


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